Become a Partner

As a hosting company and IT Support company, we are often asked for recommendations of web designers, developers, paid theme sites, stock photo sites, web marketers, SEO, copywriters, social media experts, other web professionals.

So we thought it would be ideal to partner with some great business owners to provide official recommendations. Everyone wins!

Partnership Discounts

We are piloting a Partnership Discounts program in which we will create a page with your business name, logo, a brief description of what you do, and your offer for Arcane Tech customers, e.g. ‘Arcane Tech customers get 10% off a Gear-R-Us membership at Cogswell Cogs  Co.’, or whatever discount you choose to provide.

Our customers will only be able to claim the discount when they’re logged into their control panel, so the offer itself is never public and stays exclusive to our customers (in their control panel, they’ll have instructions about how to claim your offer, e.g. ‘Enter COGS4LIFE checkout’ or ‘Click this exclusive link’). This offer will need to be ongoing, and if you wish to withdraw it or change it at any time, please let us know as soon as possible.

Recommending Arcane Technology Solutions

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In return, If you’d like to recommend Arcane Technology Solutions to your own customers (we really appreciate it!), we can create you an exclusive branded discount code that gives your customers 10% off all our plans.
So you can just tell your customers to enter COGSWELLCOGS or whatever your company name is at our checkout, and their discount  automatically be applied.

Partnership Benefits

We’re also happy to collaborate further with you and do things like share your content, guest post, do joint bundles or giveaways, organize interviews, provide partnership testimonials, mention you in our newsletters, and generally support you however we can.

If you need web hosting, we’re more than happy to give you a special partnership discount on any of our plans – or create you a custom plan if you want something different – for as long as you’re a partner.

What You Need To Know

This is a non-exclusive partnership system, so you’re not obliged to work with our other partners  We may provide several links to the same or overlapping services through our partnerships, so for example if you’re a web designer and you see we already have a web designer on our Partnership Discounts page, you can still apply. This works both ways: you’re free to recommend other hosts/people who offer hosting as part of their services. It’s up to you!

There’s no fixed term of partnership; you can start or stop being an Arcane Technology Solutions partner whenever you like! It’s 100% free and always will be – we’re not asking for any money or advertising bookings!

Apply to Become a Partner

Sound good? Apply for partnership by completing the form to the right and we’ll be in touch! Please only complete the form if your website and business are currently live and accepting orders, and you don’t sell web hosting yourself directly. 

Have more questions? Send us an email at marketing@arcanetechsolutions.com.

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